5 Reasons Quality of Hire Matters to Talent Brand Leaders

Posted on May 4, 2022


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Talent brand leaders are responsible for creating and maintaining a brand story that inspires confidence across the existing employee base and attracts new talent to the company. Given the events of the past two years, getting this right is more important and challenging than ever, as candidate demand soars. In fact, according to recent research from Indeed, 50% of candidates interviewed said they wouldn’t consider working for a company with a poor reputation and 92% said they’d change jobs to go to a company with an excellent reputation.

As a result, talent brand leaders are under increasing pressure to understand the successes and failures of their talent base and better hone their strategies (and messages) to ensure the authenticity of their brand stories. Doing this effectively means relying more on data to gain visibility into what’s working – and not – with existing talent so it can be shared with new candidates. 

But talent brand leaders have challenges. There’s often a disconnect when it comes to the brand story of an organization and the recruiting process. Today, talent brand leaders are struggling with dynamics such as:

  • Leadership pushing them to be too aspirational with how the brand is communicated versus how it is experienced.
  • Candidates needing to see proof that an organization cares about their sense of belonging. 
  • And candidates and all employees wanting to understand how they contribute to the mission of a company and can grow internally.

But this gap can be closed if talent brand leaders work more closely with HM/recruiting teams to understand Quality of Hire (QoH).

What is QoH and why should talent brand leaders care? QoH is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of finding and hiring high performers who will thrive in a particular environment. And when done properly, it also looks at data from post-hire outcomes. (We actually have a great guide on the topic that you can download here.)

Here are 5 reasons it matters for talent brand leaders:

  1. People are the brand (or at least a major part of it). If talent brand leaders don’t have insight into what a successful hire looks like, how can they build a brand story that will resonate with existing teams and new hires (and be authentic).
  2. QoH uses data to identify what a high performer looks like. These insights allow talent brand leaders to unearth some of the core elements of company success and culture, which can often be critical when defining or evolving the brand story.
  3. QoH relies heavily on creating personas or profiles (which has historically been a manual process that’s time consuming, and out of date once completed). These data driven personas help to surface power skills, cultural alignment and career interests that give talent brand leaders key insights for the business and can be fed back into the overall hiring and retention messaging ecosystem.
  4. Talent brand leaders want a seat at the C-Suite table but often rely heavily on qualitative information and lack quantitative data. QoH uses both to provide a holistic view of employee culture and values to give talent brand leaders the data they need to influence leadership. 
  5. Talent brand leaders want to ensure the organization is hiring the right talent for the right role…and that they’re thriving (if not, the story being told is misaligned). QoH measures performance, belonging, alignment and enablement. Having insight into these means greater retention and engagement. This is where attraction and retention intersect. 

Understanding why people thrive at an organization is key to crafting and telling an authentic brand story. Using QoH (and improving how it’s measured) allows talent brand leaders to tap into that story in new and exciting ways. Brand advocacy starts with the candidate experience and extends internally to post hire outcomes. If you want to learn more about how Searchlight uses data-driven insights to measure QoH, check out this page or schedule a quick demo today.

Lisa Cervenka

Head of Brand & Communications Lis (she/her) is otherwise known as @BrandNRD and has over a decade in the HR Tech & Employer Brand space. She is Head of Brand & Comms at Searchlight and loves to keep it real, helping people connect through authentic storytelling. She has three teens (!) so she escapes whenever she can to the calm and beauty of Botanic Gardens and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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