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Posted on June 14, 2022


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Summary: We are thrilled to announce our new brand at Searchlight. We recognize that we are spearheading a new wave in Talent and People Strategy. The notion of “seeing the light” on talent is key to Searchlight’s brand promise, and it was essential to us that this idea be part of our brand identity. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce Searchlight’s updated brand.

Brand is not merely a visual identity or a logo. It’s the sum of many interactions and experiences that people share. A great brand tells a story of where an organization came from and where it’s going, requiring lots of discipline and acute self-awareness. It’s something teams can align on and use as a True North. The Searchlight brand is no exception. It’s what our customers and users deserve.

To tell the story of our brand evolution, we must first return to our founding story.

Being twin sisters with similar backgrounds, cofounders Kerry Wang and Anna Wang started Searchlight after feeling misunderstood during their own job searches. With a similar look in real life and on their resume, Kerry and Anna were often categorized as the same person. But of course, they were so much more than that. Kerry and Anna were determined to figure out a way to help companies understand candidates holistically and in vivid detail. They believed that this was the path to creating more win-win outcomes. Only when people end up in jobs where they can belong and thrive can companies build high-performing, connected teams.

When Searchlight first launched, we focused on using technology and the best of I/O Psychology and Org Behavior science to tell a person’s detailed talent story. Searchlight creates this holistic 3D profile by bringing in feedback from themselves and the peers / managers who know them best. This talent story is composed of both hard and power skills (also called soft skills), career interests, cultural alignment signals and strengths and gaps.

We achieved big company milestones like raising our Series A, partnering with companies like Coinbase, Udemy, and Zapier, and helping thousands of candidates land their dream job.

We focused on putting the individual at the center of our work. “Put People First” is a phrase that we commonly say at Searchlight. Our first logo, naturally, put the human at the center. 

Searchlight’s Early Logo

See the Light

But, something more was needed. Our product platform and brand evolved. While we have always, and will always, put people at our center, our outcomes now go beyond the individual. 

Today, Kerry and Anna’s vision is bolder and bigger. 

We’ve helped our customers achieve company-wide talent strategy transformations that focus on hiring with better data and better science. Our customers experience outcomes like 45% faster time-to-fill and 20%+ improvements in retention. Our product offerings have expanded beyond candidate assessments and reference checks to include Intake, New Hire Pulse Checks, and Predictive Analytics to become a comprehensive solution to operationalize Quality of Hire. These tools create a powerful toolkit for organizations that are serious about talent density, hiring quality, and business performance.

We recognize that we are spearheading a new wave in Talent and People Strategy, one that is focused on Quality of Hire, amazing Employee and Candidate Experiences, and authentic Employer Brands. To bring this wave to market, we must help companies “see the light”. This notion of shining a light on talent is key to Searchlight’s brand promise, and it was essential to us that the idea of “shining light” be part of our brand identity. We want to illuminate the potential within both individuals and organizations.

We want our logo to be memorable and to tell the story of our brand essence, our brand promise.  We chose to evoke the principles of convergence and perception. Convergence is the physical intersection of light rays. Light rays tend to come together at a point (called the point of convergence) from different directions. Perception, however, is a biological and psychological response. The visual system needs both convergence and perception to accurately see objects. We loved bringing this idea to our logo. To accurately understand talent, we need to combine convergence (the literal, the science) with perception (the individual response, the art). We explored ways to create an “S” with angles and sections that naturally look like a shaft of light.



The colors we gravitated to are warm and full of energy. Purple was part of the original brand identity so it felt right to keep it, while adding other shades and colors to really make ourselves differentiated and unexpected. Our colors are designed to help bring to life our brand goals of being bold, playful and optimistic. We also took into account the accessibility of our colors to make sure we sustain inclusive product design.

Graphical Elements

The graphical elements of our brand suggest light rays, light beams, and bending of light. These are used throughout our materials to emphasize the idea that we need to look below the surface to truly illuminate who someone is and the talent of an organization. They add movement and emphasize the theme of “See the Light.”

What’s next for our brand

We’re on a mission to enable win-win hiring, and our brand now showcases both the art and the science to empower companies and individuals to reach great outcomes. Searchlight illuminates and connects the right data to see and understand someone holistically. 

We’re excited to see where this new brand takes us next. You’ll start to see our brand identity on display as we update our website (like our homepage), expand our content offerings, and community events. For example, we’re hosting the first episode of our community event series, Light After Dark, next week.

See the light with Searchlight.

Lisa Cervenka

Head of Brand & Communications Lis (she/her) is otherwise known as @BrandNRD and has over a decade in the HR Tech & Employer Brand space. She is Head of Brand & Comms at Searchlight and loves to keep it real, helping people connect through authentic storytelling. She has three teens (!) so she escapes whenever she can to the calm and beauty of Botanic Gardens and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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