Udemy increased retention by 20% while reducing Time to Fill By 40%

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“The biggest value-add of Searchlight is the ability to prevent turnover. My hiring managers more confident and reassured in their hiring decisions, the onboarding report speeds up time-to-performance and helps in having more meaningful conversations.”

Ann Watson, SVP, People and Culture, Verana Health

“I wish I had this platform as I built my teams at Square, Paypal, and LinkedIn and recommend all companies to use Searchlight.”

Keith Rabois, CEO, Founder of OpenStore and GP, Founders Fund

“Searchlight has become the foundation of our talent analytics framework that finally bridges the gap between pre- and post-hire data to improve Quality of Hire.”

Shauna Geraghty, SVP Global Talent, Talkdesk

“Searchlight helps us be more informed and intelligent about who we hire and how we onboard them. Their data on a candidate’s strengths and working styles has transformed the way our team ramps new hires with 30, 60 and 90-day check-ins.”

Debbie Gunning, Head of People, Human Interest

Success Stories

Verana Success Study

Verana uses Searchlight to operationalize Quality of Hire and report it to the CEO and Board

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Udemy Success Story

Udemy Uses Searchlight's Behavioral Data to Increase Retention by 20% While Reducing Time-to-Fill

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B-Stock Success Story

B-Stock Uses Searchlight’s Behavioral Data To Decrease Candidate Time-to-Fill by 40%

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Coda Success Story

Coda Uses Searchlight’s Behavioral Data To Improve Quality of Hire

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Snapdocs Success Story

How Snapdocs Improved Quality of Hire & Employee Lifetime Value, & Decreased Time to Productivity by 25% with Searchlight

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Zapier Success Story

How Zapier Uses Data to Keep Their Recruiting Processes Running Smoothly

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The Value of Predictive Talent Models

Hiring based on Predictive Talent Models improved Quality of Hire and Employee Lifetime Value, and decreased Time to productivity by 25% at Snapdocs.

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How to Predict Employee Success – Validating Searchlight’s Predictive Talent Platform

Heads of Talent and HR Leaders are eager to better understand hiring metrics across their talent ecosystem. But how do you know if you’re getting it right?

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