Adding Science to the Art of Hiring and Recruiting

As organizations work to better understand the impact hiring and talent evaluation can have on the business, they’re looking to assess soft skills and cultural fit in new data-driven ways. Today that process is called Predictive Talent Analytics. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the limitations associated with resumes and interviews, what a Predictive Talent Platform measures, and how that impacts Quality of Hire.

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What Makes Searchlight Different

Behavioral Data

Eliminate Gut Feelings

Use a data-driven approach to evaluate candidates.

Holistic Evaluation of Soft Skills

Move beyond incomplete resume data.

Reduce Mishires

Understand how a new hire aligns with the culture of the team.

Increase Retention Rates

Examine soft skill and behavioral traits.

Use a Data-Driven Approach

Predictive Talent Platform provides data and analytics.

Improve Quality of Hire

Connect candidate reference and self-assessment data to post-hire outcomes.

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