How to Predict Employee Success – Validating Searchlight’s Predictive Talent Platform

Searchlight has predictive, concurrent, and incremental validity, meaning our metrics from pre-hire and within a new hire’s first 60 days accurately predict first year outcomes. We’ve found two main results. First, Searchlight’s specific approach and metrics are valid ways of predicting employee success. Second, looking more broadly, it is entirely possible to accurately predict which employees will go on to excel at a particular company and role during the hiring process.

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It’s possible to take a more scientific approach to hiring predictively - with serious benefits.

Predicted Applicant Effectiveness

Measure pre-hire behavioral reference data for a 360-degree view.

Measure ROI of Hires

Produce Quality of Hire metrics to understand post-hire outcomes.

Ensure Validity

Use predictive, incremental, and concurrent validity to measure impact.

Vet with Science

Use insights that are built around science and research.

Reduce Bias

Measure and identify proven signals for success.

Gain Stakeholder Trust

Use impartial and objective data when evaluating talent.

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