Snapdocs Improves Quality of Hire and Employee Lifetime Value While Decreasing Time to Productivity by 25%

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Predictive Talent Models

After using Searchlight, the Customer Success hires we made post-Searchlight were by far the strongest people we’ve hired in the 2 years we’ve recruited for our team. This success has created demand for Searchlight in other departments across the business.

Chad Herring, VP, Snapdocs

Snapdocs’ results with Searchlight

Searchlight helped Snapdocs research the attributes, knowledge, skills, and experience that their best employees possess, and created predictive talent models that could improve Quality of Hire and reduce time to productivity.


Increased Employee Lifetime Value


Decreased time to productivity


Gathered and analyzed talent data 80% faster

Learn how Snapdocs used Predictive Talent Models to increase hiring efficiency and Quality of Hire

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