Udemy Uses Searchlight's Behavioral Data to Increase Retention by 20% While Reducing Time to Fill

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About Udemy


Learning and Development Software


1,100+ employees

Searchlight Product(s) Used:

One-Click References, Onboarding Guides, Intake

The data is really helpful and people love it. I will never not have Searchlight. Good insights that drive decisions and support information we get from interviews.

Cara Brennan Allamano, SVP People, Udemy

Udemy’s results with Searchlight

Udemy is the global destination for online education both for consumers and for businesses. They partnered with Searchlight and saw a reduced time-to-hire coupled with an increased retention rate, while tripling the size of their team.


Udemy grew 3X while maintaining their high quality bar


Decreased time to fill by aligning success signals for open roles and identifying candidates with predictive attributes


Increased first-year retention

See how Searchlight became a
game-changer for Udemy’s hiring

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