What is Quality of Hire and how you should be measuring it

Hiring is more challenging than ever, which is putting increased pressure on HR to improve the Quality of Hire (QoH) metric. But what is this elusive metric? In this guide, you’ll learn what QoH means, why you should be measuring it, what some of the challenges are, and why it’s important for your talent ecosystem today.

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Master the elusive metric Quality of Hire

Boost Your Team's Productivity

Build and grow your company with high-performing new employees.

Find the Right Future Hires

Identify and understand the motivations, working styles, and strengths of high-performing hires.

Reduce Bias in Hiring

Improve criteria for hiring and ensure everyone involved in the hiring process is aligned.

Improve Team Retention

Reduce mishires and costly backfills. Proactively manage potential issues.

Increase Acceptance Rates

Effectively secure high-performing talent when you make smart hires.

Reducing Time to Hire

Improve the hiring process, up to 45% faster.

Quality of hire makes a difference

Quality of Hire is an essential metric for elevating the value of the recruiting organization to look at outcomes, rather than simply speed and butts in seats. The wonderful opportunity in recruiting is to shape the company with the right people. Having a fast feedback loop in a new hire’s first 90 days can provide recruiters some meaning, reward the right work, and help to make this organization successful.
Greg Russell
Head of Talent, SnapDocs

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