Hiring should be
win-win for everyone.

We strive to instill confidence in making sound talent decisions because that’s what both organizations and candidates deserve. It’s time to inject talent strategy with the same level of rigor as business strategy.

Our talent intelligence gives companies the ability to measure and improve quality of hire. Searchlight connects candidate reference and self-assessment data to post-hire outcomes, creating a powerful hiring and retention engine that provides prescriptive insights. By creating a system that pulls employee outcome data back into the recruiting process, Searchlight helps companies hire with data and science to build a stronger workforce.

Our story

Twins Anna and Kerry Wang decided to create Searchlight soon after they graduated from Stanford, with BS and MS degrees in computer science and artificial intelligence. They had accidentally ended up with the same resumes – same schools, same companies. During their own job searches, they saw how organizations struggled to evaluate their unique competencies, working styles, and strengths.

They believed that if they solved this talent data problem, it would not only help candidates feel understood, it would also be game-changing for companies needing to build diverse, winning teams. They started their journey with Y Combinator and have since been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30.

We believe

Invest in Others

Play Bigger

Have Passion for Your Craft

Seek, Give & Apply Constructive Feedback

Be Owners

Delight Customers

Delight Customers

Our World-Class Investors

Not only are our investors the best, more than 50% of them are from underrpresented backgrounds.


Elain Szu

VP Marketing, Sentry

Kenny Mendes

COO, Coda. First Recruiter, Box

Amber Feng

CTO/Cofounder, Cocoon. Employee #8, Stripe

Mathilde Collin

CEO/Cofounder, Front

Jason Boehmig

CEO/Cofounder, Ironclad

Beth Axelrod

Chief People Officer, Airbnb. Coauthor, The War for Talent

McKenna Quint

Chief People Officer, Cruise & Plaid

Kelli Dragovich

Chief People Officer, Cruise & Plaid

Jeff Diana

Chief People Officer, Calendly


Keith Rabois

General Partner, Founders Fund. Exec at PayPal, LinkedIn, Square

Anna Wang

CTO/Cofounder, Searchlight

Kerry Wang

CEO/Cofounder, Searchlight


Sarah Semmel, Ph.D.

People Analytics, Stripe

Greg Russell

Head of Talent, Snapdocs

Jessica Yuen

CPO, Gusto & Couchbase

John Foster

CPO, TrueCar & Hulu

Shauna Geraghty

SVP People, Talkdesk

We build talent software to understand people with data.