Hiring Using Behavioral Data

Soft skills play a critical role in hiring and when mismatched with the employer, more often than not result in mishires. To close this soft skills gap, people leaders need to better understand the behavioral traits of not only their candidates, but their organization. In this guide, you’ll learn what incomplete behavioral data looks like, four key types to measure, and the current tools and techniques that make this a quantitative process.

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What Makes Searchlight Different

Behavioral Data

More Than Soft Skills

Evaluate behavioral data that includes values, working styles, ways of operating, and much more.

Resumes and Interviews Are Incomplete

Move beyond traditional hiring processes that provide little real behavior data.

Prestige Bias Inflates Past Experience

Don’t let this and other biases affect the interview process and skew a candidate’s effectiveness.

Better Measure Candidates

Go beyond just technical skills to give a holistic view of new hires.

Move From Qualitative to Quantitative

Evaluate based on a mix of data and analysis tools.

Improve Quality of Hire

Continue to measure post hire to learn and retain the right people.

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