The Value of Predictive Talent Models

All people leaders want to hire great talent, but most don’t have a holistic picture of what a successful employee looks like. Predictive talent models can change that by analyzing highly successful employees at an organization and highlighting the attributes that make them most likely to stay and perform.

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Recognize the best, faster than the competition

Create a Virtuous Cycle

Successful employees build a culture of excellence, making hiring and recruiting easier.

Reduce Prestige Bias

Hire for competencies and skills rather than credentials.

Improve Quality of Hire

Drive stronger business performance with new hires that perform 3x better within 90 days.

Hire Faster and More Efficiently

Reduce recruitment costs by 20% to 30% and decrease time to fill by several weeks.

Set Your Team Up For Success

Help new hires know the strengths, capabilities and behaviors they'll need to thrive in your organization.

Improve Overall Talent Intelligence

Help leadership and HR understand their employee base more deeply.

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