The Value of Predictive Talent Models

Hiring based on Predictive Talent Models improved Quality of Hire and Employee Lifetime Value, and decreased Time to productivity by 25% at Snapdocs. Predictive Talent Models help people leaders hire great people by creating a scorecard of attributes including power skills, cultural tendencies, career interests and hard skills that predict a candidate’s success in a specific role at an organization.

This whitepaper explains what Predictive Talent Models are, how they work, and the value they’ve created for Snapdocs.

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“The Customer Success hires we made post-Searchlight were by far the strongest people we’ve hired in the 2 years we’ve recruited for our team. This success has created demand for Searchlight in other departments across the business. On whether or not this has improved the quality of hires, it’s an unequivocal, strong yes.”

Chad Herring, VP, Snapdocs

Benefits of using Predictive Talent Models

Create a Virtuous Cycle

Successful employees build a culture of excellence, making hiring and recruiting easier.

Reduce Prestige Bias

Hire for competencies and skills rather than credentials.

Improve Quality of Hire

Drive stronger business performance with new hires that perform 3x better within 90 days.

Hire Faster and More Efficiently

Reduce recruitment costs by 20% to 30% and decrease time to fill by several weeks.

Set Your Team Up For Success

Help new hires know the strengths, capabilities and behaviors they'll need to thrive in your organization.

Improve Overall Talent Intelligence

Help leadership and HR understand their employee base more deeply.

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